Originally from Colombia, I finished my Master’s degree in direction of photography in the Polish National Film, Television and Theatre School in Lodz, Poland. I have been working with most formats available to cinematography, ranging from Fisher-Price PXL cameras to 35mm, in traditional cinema, stop motion animation and video-art.

My work has taken me to collaboration with an international pool of directors and locations beyond my country’s borders. After finishing my Polish first feature as cinematographer, I began to work more in commercial projects and feature-length and short independent films. I also completed two short animated films for Oscar winning Breakthru films. Both are stereoscopic films shot in stop motion.

The films I have lensed have been screened in numerous festivals and have won various prizes. Among these, for cinematography, the Silver Tadpole for Normal People, during 2011 Camerimage Film Festival, The 2013 Cinematography award by the Polish Independent film Academy for Potwor, and the best cinematography award during The International short film festival in Almeria, Spain, also in 2013.

Currently an active member of the Colombian Society of Cinematographers (ADFC) and the Polish Society of Cinematographers (PSC).

Although always developing, I have focussed my work on building images that enhance the story without over-riding it, working on camera work that attempts to be honest and emotional at the same time.

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